Three Body Studio is a graphic design-focused creative studio that helps craft thoughtful visuals for fervent communities. We love everything related to arts and culture, and as such, we aim to provide artists, creatives, and culture-based entities with collaborative solutions for visions that align with our M.O.

we have a very simple set of values that make up our ethos: sincerity & quality.

a commitment to sincerity means that what we design has to breach the pretence of trend and hype, in order to reveal the uniqueness of every project that comes our way. we use the overarching homogeneity of our time as a reference point for understanding which boundaries to push and which ones to avoid.

similarly, we believe high quality things are lasting things. in a world of fast fashion and fortune, we create in order to pass the test of time.

Project Images

Music Industry

Anberlin - Convinced EP Vinyl Graphic Design Layout Three Body Studio

full scale design services for artists, bands, performers, musicians, etc.

Services include: Album Artwork / Album Packaging / Interactive Album Art / Tour Creative / Release Campaign / Rollout Collateral / Posters + promotion graphics /


brand & Identity

gravity knife logo design three body studio

we believe in crafting non-contrived brands. every story is unique - why should your identity be any different?

Services include: Brand Strategy / Brand Voice / typography / Visual Identity / Logo development / Photography / Guidelines & Structure / Colour & Theme / Copywriting /


web + Digital

three body studio web design website design

any opportunity to take a project into the digital space is one that we’re quick to get on board with. we work exclusively with webflow as our trusted development platform. their reputation for outstanding service and support means that you’re in good hands.

Services include: UX / UI design / Mobile Experience / E-commerce / Analytics integration / Site Testing / Ongoing support & maintenance / Search Engine Optimisation / Animations / Wire-framing & Customer Experience Testing /


print / ephemera

three body studio merchandise design t-shirt design

projects you can hold in your hand!

services include: merch, apparel & accessories / signage + wayfinding / packaging / general ephemera / book covers / editorial & articles /


art direction

art direction by three body studio

beyond designing, we offer our ability to craft, curate, and develop creative ideas from the ground up.

Services include: concept & ideation / creative direction / visual direction / naming/ curation / resourcing /

the retainer...

three body studio is the design office @timothylorensteiner. After spending the pandemic years freelancing and experimenting with several creative mediums, this studio formed at the intersection of a love for music, art, photography, and design. Timothy serves as the principal designer and creative director for the studio. He is a father of two, still enjoys compact discs, and to this day has NEVER stepped foot inside a creative studio OR design school.

polaroid of studio creative director timothy loren steiner